Emerald Collection

Emerald Collection


Rekiya Designs is dedicated to crafting customized jewelry pieces that mirror your own style and narrative.

Regal Emeralds Paired With Luxurious Gold
Our emerald jewelry makes the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Regal and elegant, emeralds have a rich green hue that seems to glow from within. They pair flawlessly with the warm, luxurious sheen of yellow or white gold. In the embrace of 14K gold, our emerald rings become ethereal masterpieces, adorned with the celestial radiance of dazzling diamond frames. Elevate your style with the Emerald Collection and revel in the luxury of emeralds embraced by dazzling diamonds.

Emeralds Symbolize Wisdom, Growth, And Peace
Beyond their beauty, we love the meaning behind emeralds. According to beliefs, Emerald is regarded as the 'Stone of Prosperity'. The emeralds represent growth, improve communication skills, and have multiple healing qualities along with several other qualities. Slipping on one of our gold emerald rings or gold emerald earrings can make you feel confident, sophisticated, and ready to take on the world!

Make A Bold Statement

Our emerald jewelry is designed to make a bold statement. People will surely notice them because of their designs. Add an emerald ring or earrings to your collection when you want to exude confidence and sophistication.

From dazzling rings to glam earrings, we have gorgeous emerald jewelry pieces that enhance your beauty. Glorious sets can be mixed and matched to create your signature style. Find that special piece of jewelry that will make your beautiful features shine every time you wear it.


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