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You've heard us say that we started with a gift- but really, this had been a long time coming. The woman behind the scenes had her life start in the 70s, before she knew what was waiting for her, and that every step she took would later become the details that brought perfection to her designs.

In the 1970s, India was bustling with life, ushering in the Golden Age of Indian cinema, redefining its art and its glamour, just like Rekha would. A childhood spent painting in every medium, learning the arts through traditional Indian and modern Western lenses, gave way to adulthood spent fearlessly. 6 languages later, she'd lived in Thailand and found herself in New York. With every skill under her belt and her relentless tenacity, she built a life, a family, and a home;

A home where she seamlessly melded her heritage with the modern American lifestyle, where she raised her children to embody the ideals of the "renaissance man", where she taught them all about the arts, while she worked in Manhattan's diamond district. Her children grew up surrounded by her own paintings, talent so deep it ran in her blood and passed down to them, and would urge her to return to creating art.

As giants become just staircase steps, children grow, and they learn the difference between diamonds and shiny things. For her daughter's 18th birthday in 2020, Rekha wanted to create something. She created the best-selling zodiac pendant that would start it all. Inspiration from all sources, from connections to heritage and to nature, from the glamour on the screen and every old dream, from all the women that had filled her life, struck like a gust of wind as Rekha created more, and more, and more. 24 years of working with precious gemstones and diamonds gave way to a new era of designing jewelry with intention, creating homes for beautiful stones to adorn beautiful people.

Rekiya Designs officially started with a gift, from Rekha to Ria, with love; and it started long before that, with all the love of a lifetime waiting to be manifested into this journey. Ever since, every design here is and crafted with love- for every woman that takes pride in the life she has built, every daughter who wants to be like her mother, and every individual who knows they deserve all the beautiful things in life. This is our gift to you.


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